1995 Marvel Metal Inaugural Edition Promo Card

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1995 Marvel Metal Inaugural Edition Promo Card
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For all Marvel Metal fans out there, this promo card is a must-have. This uncut sheet contains oversized trading cards featuring iconic characters such as Iron Man, Magneto, Wolverine, and Venom. The cards are from the inaugural edition of Marvel Metal released in 1995 by Fleer.
The sheet is a rare find for collectors as it also includes a foil version. The card size is perfect for display, and the set represents the dawn of the metal age. This non-sport trading card is in English and belongs to the Superhero genre.
It is a vintage item that has not been customized and is suitable for ages 4 and up. The uncut sheet is from the United States and is a part of the Comics and Marvel franchises.

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Productgroep: Curiosa
Categorie: Trading Cards
Held/serie: Marvel
Reeks: Marvel - Cards
Materiaal: Papier
Uitgever: Marvel
Jaar van uitgave: 1995
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