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Complete Collection DVD

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It is the near future, United Space Calendar Year 192. The evil alien Radam has besieged the Earth, gaining control of the enormous Orbital Ring that surrounds the planet, and raining down mysterious spores that fill Earth with alien plants. Aki and Noal, two pilots from the Outer Space Development Group, find one of the alien lieutenants who crash-landed on Earth. The stranger claims to have no memory, and is determined to fight to protect humanity! His name is D-Boy, and he appears to be a normal human, until he transforms into the bio-mechanical warrior, Tekkaman Blade!

DVD Specs: all 49 Episodes on 9 discs
Runtime: approximately 1225 minutes
Language: Japanese 2.0 Dolby Digital with English Subtitles.
Resolution: 4:3 full screen
Extras: Bonus episodes. Textless intro and outro. Trailers and featurettes.

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Productgroep: Curiosa
Categorie: DVD
Held/serie: Tekkaman Blade
Uitgever: Anime Works
Jaar van uitgave: 2010
Land: Verenigde Staten
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