Black Eagle in the Sahara - Black Eagle in the Sahara

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Black Eagle in the Sahara
Black Eagle in the Sahara
€ 17,95


On the outskirts of a certain desert oasis there once lived a charming young slave trader known as 'Black Eagle.' One day, after eliciting the ire of Guran, a slave he sold, Black Eagle is captured and taken to the trainer Arkil, whose aphrodisiac-like semen can make any human obedient. There, Black Eagle is trained day after day to become Guran's sex slave. However, when Black Eagle obstinately refuses to yield to his skills, Arkil can't help but develop special feelings towards the willful man… Also included in this book is 'BL of the Space,' a short story series about a perverted alien who comes to earth in order to research BL, and the two young men he ropes into helping him…

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Black Eagle in the Sahara
Reeks/Deel: Black Eagle in the Sahara
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781569704059
Scenarist(en): Soutome, Emu
Tekenaar(s): Soutome, Emu
Genre(s): BL-Manga, LGBTQ+, Yaoi
Uitgever: June Manga

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