Books of Magic (Sandman Universe) 2 - Second Quarto

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Second Quarto
Books of Magic (Sandman Universe) 2
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Not all fairy tales have happy ending. Classes. Quizzes. Crushes. Classmates going missing. Cults dedicated to your destruction. School is rough on everybody, but it's especially hard on kids like Tim Hunter, a teenage magician destined to change the world.

So when Tim's mentor, Dr. Rose, whisks him away from London on an important mission to a magical realm beyond space and time, it seems like just the break that the boy wizard needs. In fact, the land of Faerie is such a trip that Tim quickly starts to forget why he came there, or why he would ever want to leave. But he'd better remember soon.

Besides the questionable motives that Titania, the queen of Faerie, has for wanting to keep him around, back in the mortal world the cult of the Cold Flame is poised to erase Ellie, the lost classmate Tim's been searching for, from the pages of existence. Young Tim is about to learn that even the most noble magic comes at a cost. Is he willing to pay the price?

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Books of Magic, the
Reeks/Deel: Books of Magic (Sandman Universe) 2
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781401299040
Scenarist(en): Gaiman, Neil , Howard, Kat
Tekenaar(s): Churilla, Brian , Fowler, Tom , Taillefer, Craig
Genre(s): Fantasy
Uitgever: Vertigo

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3. Dwelling in possibility

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