Deadpool: Bad Blood & Badder Blood - Badder Blood

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Badder Blood
Deadpool: Bad Blood & Badder Blood
€ 19,99


Superstar writer/artist Rob Liefeld returns to the world of his iconic creation Deadpool!

Wade Wilson is back, and he’s brought some frenemies! As the villainous Thumper returns to take out the man who created him, Wolverine and Cable step in for a daring rescue mission. But as Deadpool becomes embroiled in nefarious criminal machinations in Madripoor, will the trio be able to join forces…or will Thumper’s agenda put an end to their efforts? The Merc with a Mouth thinks he’s pretty good with a sword…but is he good enough to trounce the mysterious blade-brandishing Shatterstorm?! And, win or lose, will wascally Wade have what it takes to navigate the Terrors of Killeville? The Imperial Guard! Zabu of the Savage Land! And, would you believe, Venompool?! But who is Arcata — and what are her plans for Wade?

Badder Blood (2023) 1-5

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Deadpool
Reeks/Deel: Deadpool: Bad Blood & Badder Blood
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781302911232
Scenarist(en): Bowers, Chad
Tekenaar(s): Liefeld, Rob
Genre(s): Marvel superhelden
Uitgever: Marvel

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Bad Blood

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