G.B. Trudeau - diversen - Read my lips, make my day, eat quiche and die!

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Read my lips, make my day, eat quiche and die!
Tweedehands, zeer goed
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G.B. Trudeau - diversen
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Held/serie: Doonesbury
Reeks/Deel: G.B. Trudeau - diversen
Scenarist(en): Trudeau, G.B.
Tekenaar(s): Trudeau, G.B.
Uitgever: Andrews McMeel Publishing

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You're smokin' now, Mr. Butts!
Give those nymphs some hooters
I'd go with the helmet, Ray
In search of cigarette holder man
He,s never heard of you, either
And that's My final offer
Unfortunately, she was also wired for sound
You give great meeting, Sid
we're not out of the woods yet.
Death of a party animal
But the pension fund was just sitting there
The wreck of the rusty nail
The war within
A tad oberweight, but violet eyes to die for
That's doctor Sinatra you little bimbo.
As the kid goes for broke
The president is a lot smarter than you think
Check your egos at the door
Talking about my g-g-generation
Ask for may, settle for june
Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!
Doonesbury - a Musical Comedy
You're never to old for nuts and berries
Still a few bugs in the system
Call me when you find America
Dare to be great, Ms. Caucus
Any grooming hints for your fans, Rollie?
The long road home
an especially tricky people
We're eating more beets

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