Drawing Manga - Drawing Manga - The complete guide to becoming a better Manga artist!

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Drawing Manga
Drawing Manga
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Bring your manga to life with awesome action, powerful poses, body basics: IT'S ALL HERE!

Learn the essentials of manga drawing from professional Japanese illustrators, and let them show you how to tell better stories with your manga art. Start with anatomy and body structure to create compelling characters in a few simple head-to-toe steps. Then it's time to build your world and tell your story. With this all-in-one guide, your characters, drawing, and storytelling abilities will quickly soar!
In this book you'll learn not only the basics, but the insider tips and secrets only the professionals know. You'll also learn to avoid common pitfalls and overcome obstacles that might otherwise lessen the impact of your work and prevent you from becoming a successful artist!

Here are just some of the features of this practical handbook:
- A complete art course in one volume--from anatomy and body structure to facial features and expressions, clothing and accessories, action poses and narrative techniques
- A guide to world-building and storytelling in the authentic Japanese manga style
-Two professional Japanese illustrators share their expertise in figure drawing and composition as well as two- and three-dimensional design and perspective
-Hundreds of dynamic examples and tips show you how to master the details that make a difference and the effects that can elevate your work to another level
- Over 1,000 color illustrations help to guide you on your path to becoming a better artist!

Drawing Manga gives you the tips and tools you need to develop your skills and tell the stories you want to tell effectively-- just like the pros!

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Held/serie: Drawing Manga
Reeks/Deel: Drawing Manga
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9784805317266
Scenarist(en): Date, Naoto , Nitou, Kiyoshi
Genre(s): Info
Uitgever: Tuttle Publishing

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