Gods Untold - Gods Untold

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Gods Untold
Gods Untold
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A collection of fantasy-centric lore comics inspired by 'unknown' Gods of the past, all around the world. Their time to be told is now

Gods: Untold is a passion project from Paganini Stories. It was the impetus for the creation of our company and what made us get into drawing comics together. We created many stories about Gods over the years, we love myth and lore and fairytales, and often found ourselves looking to uncover Gods from around the world we knew little about. Eventually, it dawned on us that this would be an excellent opportunity for others to do the same.

24 unique, 4-page stories from 24 creators or teams of creators.
152 pages of full-color stories
A4 Premium Paperback, cover Illustrated by Benjamin Paulus
Soft-touch and gold foil finish

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