Luci Gutiérrez - English is not easy

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English is not easy
Luci Gutiérrez
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English is not easy, according to the author Luci Gutierrez:

“There are two kinds of people on earth: the kind that learns a language very rapidly and the kind that really struggles. I (and you probably too) belong to the latter category. If I think about all the time (and money!) that I have spent in order to learn English! I hated every minute of it. But if you speak English you seem smart, and so I continued. This meant following lessons, intensive summer courses and even traveling to New York in order to get up early on freezing winter mornings so I could go to a Russian part of Brooklyn, which in my mind is equal to the Far West. I could not stay awake during my lessons on Times Square, lessons given by teachers with dubious accents while being massaged by dedicated Japanese students. All these teaching methods were accompanied by books that treated exciting subjects like extreme sports and atmospheric conditions. You know the kind, it gives you the everyday vocabulary you need when leaving your home and suddenly see a paraglider being swept away by a hurricane.

After having done all that, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, I had to find a way to actually remeber what I had learned. Me with a memory like a sieve. I decided to use my drawing skills in order to remember words and grammatical concepts. These drawings have ended up in this book and have made learning English a lot more fun. Maybe it does not work for you, but making the drawings sure helped me. Don’t I seem smart now?

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Held/serie: Luci Gutiérrez
Reeks/Deel: Luci Gutiérrez
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9789492117021
Scenarist(en): Gutiérrez, Luci
Tekenaar(s): Gutiérrez, Luci
Genre(s): Info
Uitgever: Scratch

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