Mark Schultz - diversen 4 - Various drawings

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Various drawings
Tweedehands, quasi nieuwstaat
Mark Schultz - diversen 4
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Mark Schultz s Various Drawings series returns with this fourth dazzling collection. His best work over the last two years features continued experimentation with graphite, charcoal, brush and ink, and color-tinted images exemplifying his continued growth as an artist. Highlighting this compilation is Schultz s new Pulpette personal works. These four plates combine Mark s love for pulp magazine imagery combined with classic pin-up style art. Development sketches showcase his stages of production. Also included are preliminary pieces and a self-rejected sample for his upcoming illustrated novella, Storms at Sea as well as new Xenozoic Tales specialty drawings. Additional illustrations include recent commissions, spotlighted by an evocative Helen of Troy nude. Completing this volume is a Martian fantasy gatefold, sketchbook experimentations, and Schultz s contribution to Prince Valiant. Over fifty illustrations are featured in this volume--the majority not publicly shown until now.

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Mark Schultz diversen
Reeks/Deel: Mark Schultz - diversen 4
ISBN: 9781933865164
Scenarist(en): Schultz, Mark
Uitgever: Flesk

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