McCurry (Steve) - McCurry, NYC, 9/11

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McCurry, NYC, 9/11
McCurry (Steve)
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This original graphic novel by artist Kim Jung Gi and writer Jean-David Morvan includes 64 of McCurry's iconic photographs, a portfolio of 12 pages with 8 previously unpublished photo's and 10 pages long interview with Stece McCurry


You may not know the name of the photographer Steve McCurry, but you definitely know his images, including his famous National Geographic magazine cover featuring the striking Afghan Girl with green eyes. But behind the iconic pictures is the story of a man who has lived through and witnessed some of the most important events of the last century, including the day the World Trade Center towers fell: 9/11.
McCurry, NY 11 September 2011 tells the events of that day as well as the stories behind the photographer's life-changing journeys to places like Afghanistan, India, Tibet, and Kuwait to take the photos that still captivate the world.

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: McCurry (Steve)
Reeks/Deel: McCurry (Steve)
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9791096315017
Scenarist(en): Morvan, Jean-David
Tekenaar(s): Kim, Jung Gi
Genre(s): (auto)biografie, Roman
Uitgever: Editions Caurette

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