Mighty Marvel Masterworks / Silver Surfer (MMM) 1 - The sentinal of the spaceways

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The sentinal of the spaceways
Mighty Marvel Masterworks / Silver Surfer (MMM) 1
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When the world-devourer Galactus arrived at the planet Zenn-La, one man stood up to sacrifice himself to save his Norrin Radd! In exchange for forgoing his limitless hunger, Galactus transformed Norrin into the Silver Surfer and forced him into servitude as his herald. But all that changed on Earth, with the Surfer freed of Galactus but trapped on our planet. Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by John Buscema, these double-length tales of cosmic conflict are some of the most masterful Marvel sagas ever produced. You will experience awe at the Surfer's origin, be torn down to the depths of hell by Mephisto and witness a battle with Thor that shakes the heavens!

Collecting SILVER SURFER (1968) #1-4, and material from FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #5 and NOT BRAND ECHH #13

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Silver Surfer
Reeks/Deel: Mighty Marvel Masterworks
Subreeksen/Deel: Silver Surfer (MMM) 1
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781302949105
Scenarist(en): Lee, Stan
Tekenaar(s): Diverse tekenaars
Genre(s): Marvel superhelden
Uitgever: Marvel

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