Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu (Novel) 1 - Volume 1

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Volume 1
Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu (Novel) 1
€ 21,99


Shen Qiao is a devout Daoist priest who has spent his life honing his skills and spirit, leading his sect with martial talent, beauty beyond measure, and an earnest heart. His polar opposite, Yan Wushi, leads one of the most powerful demonic sects and is said to be unrivaled in his strength and cunning. Yan Wushi believes in the inherently selfish nature of all people—himself included—and that nobody is above committing dark deeds for their own benefit.

When a fight leaves Shen Qiao injured, blind, and with hazy memories, Yan Wushi takes in the defeated sect leader with a dark plan: test the limits of the man’s patience and faith in others to lure him onto the demonic path. Little does he know that he is about to meet the first immovable force of his life, and that two hearts can connect in unexpected ways. With the passing of a thousand autumns, who can stay eternal?

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Thousand Autumns
Reeks/Deel: Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu (Novel) 1
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781638589327
Scenarist(en): Meng Xi Shi
Tekenaar(s): Meng Xi Shi
Genre(s): BL-Manga, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Light Novel, Romantiek
Uitgever: Seven Seas Entertainment

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