Your Forma 1 - Volume 1

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Volume 1
Your Forma 1
€ 13,99


In an alternate near future, the Your Forma, a miraculous “smart thread” technology initially developed to treat a massive outbreak of viral encephalitis, has become an integral part of daily life. But these convenient devices also record every sight, sound, and emotion their users experience.  

For Electronic Investigator Echika Hieda, diving into peoples’ memories via the Your Forma and hunting for evidence is all part of a day’s work. The problem is, she’s so adept at what she does that her assistants literally fry their brains trying to keep up with her. After putting one too many aides in the hospital, the top brass finally furnish Echika with a partner on her level, a brilliant yet cheeky android named Harold Lucraft. But can Echika put her prejudices against robots aside to solve the most complex case of her career? 

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Your Forma
Reeks/Deel: Your Forma 1
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781975351847
Scenarist(en): Kikuishi, Mareho , Kisaragi, Yoshinori
Tekenaar(s): Kisaragi, Yoshinori , Nozaki, Tsubata
Genre(s): Science Fiction
Uitgever: Yen Press

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