Kubo won't let me be Invisible 12 - Volume 12

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Volume 12
Kubo won't let me be Invisible 12
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A social butterfly makes friends with a wallflower—whether he’s ready or not!

Junta Shiraishi blends into the background so much that even his classmates fail to spot him. His goal is to make the most of his high school years, but that pesky invisibility gets in the way…until Nagisa Kubo notices him! Kubo’s playful teasing kicks Shiraishi out of his comfort zone and begins a friendship—or maybe something more?

Shiraishi and Kubo are finally starting to notice each other’s feelings, just in time for a class trip to Kyoto! The pair has promised to spend their free time together, just the two of them. Can Shiraishi muster the courage to confess by the end of the trip?

Find out in this final volume!

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: Kubo won't let me be Invisible
Reeks/Deel: Kubo won't let me be Invisible 12
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9781974743643
Scenarist(en): Yukimori, Nene
Tekenaar(s): Yukimori, Nene
Genre(s): Humor, Romantiek, Young Adult
Uitgever: Viz Media

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