World after the Fall, the 5 - Volume 5

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Volume 5
World after the Fall, the 5
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Jaehwan has demonstrated both his power and shrewdness for all to see, but the tournament is not over yet! This time, it’s his character that will be put to the test to determine whether he is fit to lead the Abyss Expedition. However, it’s immediately obvious that he is being set up to fail with an age-old dilemma―sacrifice the few to save the many, or risk losing everything to save the few? Either choice is guaranteed to make him look bad, and Jaehwan for once finds himself facing an obstacle he cannot simply blast through…or can he?

Overige productgegevens

Held/serie: World after the Fall, the
Reeks/Deel: World after the Fall, the 5
Taal: Engels
ISBN: 9798400901027
Scenarist(en): singNsong
Tekenaar(s): Undead Gamja
Genre(s): Fantasy, Manhwa
Uitgever: Ize Press (Yen Press)

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